30 Oct

In my last post, I shared my excitement in moving from the parks to the resorts.

I can definitely not only say that this change has been an adventure but I’ve even encountered more instances of what it means to join a new family of cast members. From the very first day of training for my new role at DU (Disney University), I found the first set of my additions to my new Cast family. Out of our class of about 16, 4 of us were heading to the same resort! 

We all were training in our resort location around the same time so of course we became fast friends. I feel that even if we hadn’t all had classes together, I still would have had an amazing experience transitioning from the Parks to the Resorts that I now call home. Since I’m working in the Disney Vacation Club resorts, they are big on the concept of Family. In fact, on my very first day on location – I couldn’t count the amount of times I was told, “welcome home!” or even, “welcome to the family!”

They genuinely meant it too. 

I know that I have previously talked about my guest interactions from my time in the parks and honestly, I think that it’s amazing how many more stories I have to share now after just working in the resorts for just about two weeks on my own. In my experience there are guests who want to spread a little bit of pixie dust just as much as a cast member does – which can definitely make a day better. There have been at least 5 interactions that I’ve had with guests this week that remind me why I love my job and why I’m still here… and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting one of them to almost make me cry. 

While I was in training for my new role, my parents came into town to visit and we got the chance stay at Jambo House at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. I think it was an amazing experience to stay here as well – our room had a balcony over looking the Savannah! I don’t think I can count how many pictures I took of the animals that I got to see outside of my room everyday. The resort had recently switched over to the Magic Bands.

Getting used to the Magic Band was weird at first – particularly because I don’t normally wear a watch or bracelets so I wasn’t used to having something there. After the first few minutes of having it on, I forgot I was even wearing it. Over all, I’m really excited about this transition because it really does make it easier to keep track of everything since the Magic Band can act as your room key, fast passes, park admission…. it can even be used to charge back to the room and access a Disney Dining Plan. While my parents and I had to trouble with the technical aspects of the Magic Bands, we did notice that some of the touch points can be a little awkward to interact with. We actually found that rotating our Magic Band to the underside of our wrist helped occasionally with some of the touch points we encountered, but over all, we enjoyed them. 

During their stay, we also got the chance to try some new restaurants on property. Whenever my family visits we have our favorites that we love to visit – Olivia’s, Kona, Kouzzina, etc. This visit however we visited The Turf Club and Sanaa for the first time. Both of them were wonderful! I enjoyed the Indian Bread Service at Sanaa where I got to try naan bread with various toppings and I enjoyed the steak with a lobster fondue at The Turf Club – both were excellent and I can’t wait to visit these locations again. 

I have to get back to my laundry and errands for the day but hopefully I can update again soon. :] 


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