It has been a little over 2 months…

30 Oct

Since I last posted some of my Adventures. 

I’m still having Adventures down here in Florida, which is currently experiencing some cool temperatures. By cool, I mean it’s in the 60’s. :] After I left the CP on August 3rd, I started my new role as a full time attractions hostess on August 5th in the wonderful land of Fantasy. I sail on the Happiest Cruise that ever sailed and I also fly off to Neverland with Peter on a day to day basis which can be exciting and awesome, or it can have it’s fair share of days where the magic just isn’t there. I moved in to a lovely house with some really awesome roommates – Yes, we have our moments when we don’t get along but they’re definitely a huge part of my Florida family and I love them. 

Basically, I can’t really complain about too many things about my life currently but I am trying to determine what my next step will be down here in Florida. Do I want to try out the resorts? Do I want to move to a different park? Do I want to go into Merchandise, back to foods, or try another role completely? Who knows at this point but for now, I know I have time to decide. :] 


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