337 Days.

3 Aug

Today, August 3rd, is the day that I officially ‘leave’ the Disney College Program. After flying down to Florida on August 30, 2011 – I’ve spent this entire time living in Florida; making new friends and creating a ‘family’, learning more about myself, and working for the largest single site employer in the United States.

While working for the Mouse has its ups and downs, I can honestly say that I have been changed for the better. I know that I can survive on a tiny budget, I know that I can work incredibly crazy hours [work until 12:45 am – be back at 9:30 am? Sure, no problem!], I know that I have the power to influence someone’s entire day, and most of all, I know that there’s always some magic to be found on even the worst of days – all of these things I’ve learned over the course of these past 11 months or so.

As I said goodbye to Main Street USA during my last shift, all of these memories and important milestones of my DCP experience came back to me. Everything from watching parades to my silly moments with coworkers to becoming a trainer to my favorite guest interactions and maybe a few hundred other memories thrown in between… all of which felt like they had just happened yesterday. Each memory returned to me as I flipped through the notebook I started during my Fall program, received messages and texts from some of the best people I’ve met over these past few months, got hugs from coworkers, and joked around with my favorite managers. I don’t think  I can ever express just how much Main Street means to me now that I’ve ‘lived in the turn of the century’ and ‘played baseball on the corner’ – I don’t even think I can express how emotional this connection is because every way to describe it just sounds incredibly lame. Heck, I know I sound lame right now trying to describe how important this “land” and my locations are to my story as a Cast Member and to my life.

I guess what I’m trying to say most of all is that every chapter in life has a beginning and an end but the things that matter the most within those chapters are the things you experience, the things you learn, the memories, and the relationships you form or end. With that being said, I’m ending my DCP chapter of my life and I’m moving on to my first chapter of my ‘adult’ life. The beginning of that chapter starts with my decision to remain a Cast Member and sign a lease moving into a house for a year.

While I don’t know everything that is going to happen during this new chapter of my life, I do know one thing…. it’s going to be a wonderful adventure.

I guess for now it’s off to Neverland! :]


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