Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Welcome to the Magic Kingdom…Where Dreams Come True!

15 Jul

There are only about 20 days left of my College Program… 20 days roughly equates to 480 hours…. 28800 minutes and I don’t even want to worry about figuring out how many seconds that would be. Now, you may be wondering why this somewhat depressing post has Dream Along With Mickey as the video leading up to the post but it’ll all make sense eventually.

“Did someone say Adventure? Well then, Adventure it is. So, hoist the anchor, raise the sails, and fall in line you swabs. It’s time to set sail for Adventure!” – Peter Pan (Starting at around 8:25 in the video above…)

While Dream Along With Mickey seems to happen fairly often in the bubble of the Magic Kingdom, I don’t think that many guests are aware of just how important Entertainment becomes to the life of a Cast Member. Particularly one on Main Street USA. This show has helped me determine what the time was when I wasn’t near a clock, it’s the soundtrack to a few of my breaks, and it’s been the root of some of the best memories that I have from this program. I mean, how else can you forget watching Dream Along With Mickey when your roommate always wishes to be a Princess and that same roommate does half of the choreography? 🙂 Moving on, the quote above is exactly what this program has been and what it will continue to be – an Adventure. While my Adventures may not begin or end with Pirates, I think that Peter Pan was definitely on to something.

Please don’t think I’m crazy for writing this but I think that every stage of this journey can be illustrated through each of these tiny phrases. The beginning where Peter asks “Did someone say Adventure?” relates to the start of applying for this program.  Basically at the start of this journey I was excited about what adventures I may embark on. Would I be selected to represent my college on the College Program? Would I be chosen to undertake this adventure?

The second part where Peter says, “Well then, Adventure it is.” goes along with how I felt about accepting my role and deciding to move down here to complete my first program. Then the part where Peter is ‘ordering about his pirate crew’ relates to working here, experiencing what it means to be a Cast Member at the Walt Disney World Resort. Last but not least, “It’s time to set sail for Adventure!”  is exactly what I’ll be doing come August 3rd. I’ll be starting a whole new adventure in Walt Disney World! While I may know what some of my adventures will be, I’m excited to see what the future will hold.

Honestly, even with all of the excitement, I’ll miss so many things from my CP experience: the people, the atmosphere, etc. Just like I had to say goodbye to others before me it’ll be weird saying goodbye. I know that when my last night on Main Street comes along I’ll be one big emotional mess because how can I say goodbye to my co-workers who have become like a family? How can I say goodbye to  some of the people I’ve seen almost every day for almost a year? The answer is I can’t and I won’t because there is no such thing as goodbye – In the words of Mickey Mouse, “See Ya Real Soon!”


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