24 May

I’m so sorry that I haven’t updated this since February. Life happened. I know I’ve used that excuse before but seriously, when you work at one of the most visited destinations in the United States, wouldn’t you rather go out and have fun rather than spend all of your time in front of a computer? I think not. :]

Once again, my departure date has come and gone and I’m still working on Main Street USA. I decided to extend my program once again for the final time so that I can work on saving up money over the Summer so that I can follow my dreams and hopefully join the company part or full-time come August. Now if you are a CP hopeful or a CP reading this, yes, you can extend more than once. You just can’t extend so that you reach a full year. So, since my CP journey began on August 31st and the extension date was through August 3rd, I was eligible to reapply to extend.

This second program, January 6th through May 11th was incredibly different from my first program. Unlike my first program, there weren’t any huge holidays or celebrations, there were new people, and last but not least, Main Street experienced some changes. Cone Shop reopened with more “improvements” than I thought I’d ever see. My apartment went through 3 different roommates while 3 of us remained the same in our two bedroom apartment. I made new friends and I lost some friends from my first program. I also gained a little bit more responsibility towards the end of this second program that is helping to make my third program on Main Street a little bit more interesting. And while I gained responsibility, I lost some weight which I deem to be a huge accomplishment.

While I know my lists of memories is predictable, It is one of the easiest ways to share so many things in a.) a short amount of time and b.) it is incredibly easy to compose at 3 am.

So without further adieu – My memories…

  • Meeting Captain Hook and Mr. Smee
  • Eating at the California Grill with my family during their last visit and showing them Wishes from the top of the Contemporary
  • Staying in the Princess rooms at Port Orleans Riverside
  • Going to Dave and Busters with Mike A., Steven, and Eric
  • Updating to the Medium level of Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom
  • Watching Wishes from behind the Castle with Mike A.
  • Experiencing Disney 24 on Leap Day
  • Staying Club Level at the Wilderness Lodge when Mike visited in February/March
  • Playing all of the Mini Golf courses on Disney property
  • Trying Tonga Toast for the first time
  • Meeting Captain Jack with Mike
  • Discovering the Cars Monorail Vinylmations
  • Seeing the Lion King: The Musical in Downtown Orlando
  • Taking on the Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream with Mike A., Steven, and Eric
  • Meeting a little Prince Charming who insisted that I was a Princess and that he wouldn’t leave until I agreed with him
  • Meeting a little Buzz Lightyear who told me all about his adventures to “the land of the castle” and how much he loved Rapunzel and how she kissed him on the cheek
  • Taking pictures of all the beautiful flowers at the Flower and Garden festival
  • Remembering little things about my first visit to Disney relating to my work locations
  • Watching Chris’ last few Move it, Shake it, Celebrate it performances
  • Eating breakfast with Tommy and Rachel at Whispering Canyon
  • Hanging out with Tommy, Rachel, Ashleigh, and Jackie
  • Riding Dumbo and the Barnstormer with Stephanie
  • Checking out the Cast Exclusive “Open Mouse” of the Art of Animation Resort [IT IS GORGEOUS AND WONDERFUL AND I LOVE IT] – yes, caps lock was needed for that statement
  • Finally beating Mike A. at air hockey
  • Walking right on to all of the rides in Animal Kingdom
  • Eating at 50’s Prime Time with Ashley
  • Walking right on to Toy Story three times in a row with Ashley
  • Learning how to draw Pluto (again) with my family
  • Posing like Sully [me because I was in blue], Mike [Colleen because she was in a Mike Wazowski shirt], and Boo [Sorcerer Mickey] with Sorcerer Mickey at Hollywood Studios
  • Watching Jake tease Captain Hook and Mr. Smee
  • Meeting Meeko
  • Eating in Norway with my family to celebrate Colleen’s birthday
  • Dad getting a “large” drink at Whispering Canyon ;]
  • Eating around Walt Disney World with Mike A.
  • Riding Everest in the front row and back row in the same day
  • Taking a silly picture on Splash Mountain with Colleen [MAPS UP!]
  • Posing like Pirates with Jake
  • Meeting Pinocchio
  • Seeing the Hunger Games with Ali at the Downtown Disney Dine-In Theatre
  • Visiting Mike A. at work
  • Going to a Guest Relations class to learn more about the role
  • Taking Mom and Dad on Star Tours for their first time after the refurbishment
  • Dancing with Phineas and Ferb with Colleen
  • Becoming a MSN Trainer [Jiminy Cricket pin and all]
  • Experiencing the Haunted Mansion with my family as if we were the only ones on the ride
  • Moving into my new apartment and meeting my new roommates
  • Catching up on Once Upon A Time
  • Taking silly pictures with Mike A. on Spaceship Earth
  • Visiting the Vision House in Innoventions
  • Checking out the Barnstormer the day it reopened
  • Testing the new Fastpass system
  • Receiving my second diploma and graduation ears
  • Meeting Handy Manny
  • Seeing seasonal Cast Members on Main Street again
  • Shopping with my family at the Outlets
  • Hanging out with Jackie
  • Meeting Mary Poppins with Mike during his visit
  • Seeing the Castle hidden in the fog at the morning of Disney 24

I’m sure I could add so many more things but now, I think it’s time for bed! :]


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