From Traditions to Transitions

15 Feb

While new CPs have been arriving for some time now, it’s been hard to find time to actually sit down and write a blog post about the changes that all of us have been experiencing. Mostly because I’ve been out putting my holiday discounts to good use and hanging out with my other friends who extended on my days off but more about that later.

When the first wave of new CPs got here, it made me think about my first few days as a CP – the excitement, the nerves, and most of all, the fun. Let me tell you, it’s so weird standing in the park and watching a Traditions group walk past you when you know that you were in their shoes only months before but in that moment, it feels like it was yesterday. Watching all of the new CPs come into your work location and start training makes you wonder what the other Cast Members in your location thought of you when you came in. Did they like you? Did they find you annoying?

To be honest, I love a bunch of the new CPs in my location and then there are a few that I’m apprehensive about but who knows, they might end up surprising me. Some of the new CPs would fit right in with my lovely Fall MSN family which makes this transition difficult because I know the old CPs are home. I keep hoping that I’ll see one of them in the utilidors or out park hopping but unfortunately, I know I won’t. This transition has made the few of us who extended a little bit closer because we can reminisce about our family and share stories without getting weird looks.

With the transition between programs I was sent back over to the Corner (Casey’s Corner) for a few shifts before I started getting Shops shifts again. The nice thing about extending my program is the fact that I’m getting better hours and less closing shifts because I’ve gained more seniority over the new CPs. While those things are changing for the better, it still feels like time is flying by and I’m one step closer to having to figure out what I want to do with my life after the program. There are so many options that I hope that I can pick the best one.

While I haven’t posted in a while, I hope you all know that the less I post, the more I’m taking advantage of all of the amazing things that Disney has to offer for example:

  • Mini Golf [Fantasia Gardens is a lot of fun]
  • Fabulous restaurants [Boma, The Plaza, Captain Cook’s, Olivia’s, etc]
  • Relaxing resorts [Hello Hammocks at the Polynesian]
  • A lot of shopping
  • Fantastic fireworks displays [Wishes from the Polynesian Beach and the top of the Contemporary are amazing!]

Hopefully I’ll find time to update you soon about specific adventures – Specifically, Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom among other things but until then, I hope you have a magical day! :]


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