No matter what happens, I’ll always be with you. Forever.

10 Jan

Things have changed quite a bit in the past few weeks. I’m so sorry that I haven’t been keeping everyone up to date with my adventures but that’s because things have been busy, busy, busy.

Busy having adventures, busy working, and most of all busy saying goodbye and see ya real soon. Let me elaborate a little bit more about all of that, specifically work. For two weeks in December I was deployed to Tomorrowland Terrace which was definitely not Main Street USA and I had a 41 hour work week turn into a 67 hour work week from Christmas Day to New Years.  How I managed that, I really don’t know but I’m proud of myself for making it through.

I’m also sad that I made it through that week because it meant that all of my wonderful new friends were one step closer to going home. In fact, as I write this, only about 9 of my lovely MSN family members are still here while the rest of them went back to school, home, or started a new chapter in their lives. I wish them all the best but at the same time I honestly miss working with them, I miss the jokes, I miss the encouragement, and most of all, I think I just miss hanging out with each and every single one of them while we created magic. However, I know that some of my MSN family has become just that, family, and even though they’ve left Disney, it’s not goodbye – just a see ya later.

Anyway since so much has happened, I think I need to do a list again of my adventures, I know that can get a little bit boring to read so I’ll try to keep it as entertaining as possible! :]

  • Mom, Dad, and Colleen came to visit for my birthday/Christmas
  • We celebrated my birthday at Ohana, where our Cousin gave me a birthday cupcake!
  • We also stayed in All Star Sports for the first time and got a wonderful room
  • Henry came to hang out with my family for an entire day and it was hilarious
  • Colleen, Henry, and I rode in the first car of Everest and took a silly ride picture with a map
  • My family got to meet Cat Cora because she was doing meet and greets at her restaurant, Kouzzina
  • We all got to experience one of the last Christmas parties together
  • Having Chris leave Move it, Shake it, Celebrate it to hug my family and me
  • Visiting with Wendy Darling and Peter Pan
  • Meeting Russell and Dug
  • Colleen painted me a wonderful picture of the castle with fireworks and gave it to me for my birthday
  • Jess and her family visited me at work
  • I spent a day off running around the parks with Jess and her family
  • Celebrating my “graduation” with Rachel, Kim, Kaitlyn, Leyka, Nikki and Sha
  • MSN Family photo shoots at graduation
  • Appearing on HTM with my MSN family during their coverage of graduation
  • Taking my picture with my “diploma” with Mickey and Minnie in their lovely caps and gowns
  • Getting my “graduation” ears embroidered with my name
  • Meeting a little boy who was dressed as the Beast and having him take pictures with us and sign my autograph book
  • Having the Princesses write me Happy Birthday messages in my autograph book
  • Going to Applebees with MSN
  • I added to my Park Starz Vinylmation collection [So far I have: the Horizons Butler, the “It’s a Small World…” New Guinea boy and goat, Constance from the Haunted Mansion, Figment, and a Pirate]
  • Learning some Portuguese from some of my wonderful Brazilian coworkers
  • Meeting Igor and Joao at Terrace
  • Joking about the “Peoplemover” with Taylor
  • Having a Chinese lunch date with LaTanya and Dusty
  • Celebrating Christmas with my lovely MSN family by doing Secret Santa, I got a Lotso bear from Trey because I hug everyone
  • Accomplishing a 67 hour work week
  • Resort hopping with Lisa – We visited Animal Kingdom Lodge, Wilderness Lodge, Yacht and Beach Club, the Polynesian, the Contemporary and watched Holiday Wishes before visiting the Magic Kingdom
  • Visiting Shayne, Henry, Leo, Shirley, Sha and Tracey at work in their new locations
  • Going to “Brinner” with my Main Street family
  • Writing my MSN Family notes
  • Talking with Kirsten about life
  • Watching movies with Dusty
  • Eating Fish and Chips with Rachel and saying hello to Alice
  • Grabbing Ice Cream on Main Street before the it closed for refurbishment
  • Hanging out with Dusty and Tony in the Magic Kingdom
  • Celebrating Christmas with my roommates – Kaylee and Amanda surprised me with wonderful presents! I now have the book about the windows on Main Street and the Imagineering Field Guide to the Magic Kingdom
  • Ringing in the New Year on Main Street with my MSN family
  • Watching the Fantasy in the Sky New Years Eve fireworks
  • Singing along to Disney songs with Tony, Dusty, Daniel and some of their other friends
  • Watching Wishes one last time with Amanda and Briana
  • Helping Amanda move out
  • Saying goodbye to Amanda and Kaylee before moving out
  • Saying goodbye to Dusty and Robyn in the Utilidors
  • Packing my things and moving from Patterson to Chatham
  • Moving in with Rachel and Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Lady GaGa, and Disney Princesses
  • Having an international adventure with Jackie
  • Eating at Boma for the first time
  • Having a fun meet and greet with Stitch and Daisy Duck in Epcot
  • Playing with Night Vision goggles at Animal Kingdom Lodge
  • Saving China, France, and Germany with Jackie
  • Hanging out with Chris, Mary, Jackie, and Ali one last time
  • Saving Norway with Jackie, Rachel, and Chris
  • Watching Illuminations with Mary, Casey, and Chris before they left
  • Packing up the Cone shop and preparing it for refurbishment
  • Having a sleep over with Rachel and Jackie in our new apartment
  • Going to movie nights at Leyka, Kaitlyn, and Kim’s apartment
  • Reading messages from my wonderful MSN family in my book
  • Hanging out with Hannah and Jackie
  • Visiting Bob at Pizza Planet
  • Eating at Boatwright’s Dining Hall at Port Orleans Riverside before getting beignets at Port Orleans French Quarter
  • Meeting Frozone
  • Meeting the Evil Queen and chatting about Snow White
  • Riding Rock N Rollercoaster for the first time ever
  • Asking Guest Relations to help us choose a restaurant for dinner and getting celebration buttons and princess stickers before leaving
  • Seeing Lighting McQueen in Lights, Motors, Action

Once again, I’m sure I’m leaving out an adventure or two but, I think it’s safe to say that there are just too many adventures and such little time. :]


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