The Adventures will continue!

7 Dec

I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted anything in a while, life got in the way and by life, I mean work and adventures.

I guess the first order of business it to wish Walt Disney a belated 110th birthday. Without Walt’s imagination, passions, and talent I wouldn’t be where I am today creating magic for guests everyday while having my own magical experiences. I also can’t think of anyone better to share my birthday with.

The next thing to say is that I was not selected for a professional internship with Disney. I found out the other day, while I’ll admit that I’m a little bummed, I’m glad that I will be staying with the company as a CP through May at least.

Since I haven’t blogged in so long, I’m back to listing my adventures as bullet points because honestly there are so many adventures and such little time.

  • Working on Thanksgiving and having Kaylee bring me dinner
  • Getting my 4th Basics card from Michael [I finally got Hades!]
  • Getting a GSF card from Brittany for moving my line at Casey’s when we were busy
  • Working a 12 hour shift and a 13 hour shift right after one another
  • Working during the Christmas Day parade taping
  • Going to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party with Cortne
  • Meeting Tiana and Naveen for the first time and talking with Tiana about Baltimore Crabs and how if I bring her some she’ll make us a gumbo for a princess lunch
  • Watching the Holiday version of The Magic, The Memories, and You
  • Seeing Holiday Wishes for the first time
  • Going to DAK with Cortne
  • Riding in the front row of Everest [OMG! The track FLIPS before you go out of the mountain and down the drop]
  • Meeting Timon and telling him he wouldn’t get grubs if he didn’t give me my autograph book back
  • Having Pocahontas lecture me about my use of the phrase “Character Hunting”
  • Taking pictures of the adventures of VH
  • Having Pluto and Goofy fight over me where Goofy unhooked the chains around the area and pretended to chain Pluto up so he could spend more time with me
  • Having Terk show me ballet moves
  • Spending time with King Louie and Baloo
  • Going to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party with Kaitlyn, Rachel, Jackie, and Sha in PJs
  • Meeting Flynn and Rapunzel for the first time
  • Seeing the Smolder in person
  • Having several photo shoots in our PJs
  • Getting Belle and the Beast’s autograph
  • Meeting the Beast for the first time
  • Having Tiana and Naveen remember me
  • Going to the dance party at the Diamond Horseshoe
  • Doing the Cupid Shuffle with Woody and Jessie
  • Meeting Prince Phillip for the first time
  • Creating a new handshake with Jackie
  • Meeting Terrance and Tinkerbell
  • Getting Pixie Dusted at Castle Couture with Jackie and Rachel
  • Going to McDonald’s after the Christmas party in our PJs
  • Visiting work in our PJs and having Shawn shake his head at us
  • Snacking on free Snickerdoodle cookies and hot chocolate
  • Having a Scavenger Hunt in Hollywood Studios with my Heritage class
  • A late night adventure to the Waffle House with LaTanya and Dusty
  • Having lunch breaks with Rafael
  • Talking with Henry in the Emporium while in my Casey’s costume
  • Celebrating my birthday at the Birthday Ball Disney held just for me [lol just kidding it was the CP formal and it just happened to be on my birthday]
  • Kaylee doing my hair for me for Formal
  • Taking a bunch of pictures with my coworkers at the Formal
  • Meeting Mowgli and Baloo
  • Meeting Tarzan and Jane with the MSN girls
  • Dancing with my MSN coworkers
  • Going out to the Bar with Laura and Mats
  • Playing cards with Casey and Mary
  • Getting flowers from my family and from Mike
  • Going to ESPN with my coworkers for lunch
  • Having several photo shoots during our lunch
  • Having Kaylee and Amanda surprise me with a giant birthday cookie and presents on my birthday
  • Laura buying me a drink on my birthday
  • Exploring Hollywood Studios with Rachel, Jackie, and Chelsea
  • Saying hi to Liza while she was at work
  • Watching Fantasmic! with Rachel, Jackie, and Chelsea

I know this list is long, but I’m sure that I’m missing an adventure or two on here. Even if that’s the case, I hope you all understand why I haven’t updated lately. :]


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