Once upon a Christmastime….

12 Nov

Yes, It is November 12th and I titled this blog post ‘Once Upon A Christmas Time’. Yes, I’m well aware that Thanksgiving hasn’t occurred yet.

That’s the funny thing about working for Disney, Holidays always come sooner than you think. In fact, the last Halloween party was on November 1st and the first Christmas party was the 8th. It was kind of fun to see how quickly Main Street USA was transformed – Literally, it happens almost overnight [give or take 3 days or so :)].

Tonight was the 3rd Christmas party – I’ve worked all 3 of them so far. The first party I picked up an extra hours shift so I got the chance to wear the special holiday costume [A long-sleeved white button down shirt with evergreen trees and stars on it with a red skirt, an apron with a candy cane pattern on the top and the pocket, topped off with a hair band with a red and white bow on it]  and I put Snickerdoodle cookies into bins so that other cast members could hand them out to guests.  The second party which happened the day after, I was working at the bakery and tonight, I was working between the Bakery and the Ice Cream shop.

I have so many stories about some awesome guests that I’ve been lucky enough to encounter over my past few nights. You see, I hurt my foot a few days ago so I’ve been on light duties for a week which means that I’ve been sitting at a chair at the registers for my entire shift. It’s been kind of depressing to say the least but there have been so many guests who have made the entire experience of light duties interesting.

The other night, I had a group of guests while working in the ice cream shop. It was a busy night so my line between the register and the area where you pick up the ice cream was swamped so I politely apologized to the group and explained that I needed to clear the area before taking more orders. They were awesome, they not only understood, but they also started up a conversation with me which eventually led to them giving me one of the best compliments that I think I could have gotten from a guest. They told me that I was exactly what they believed a cast member should be and that they were coming back in about 5 weeks and they would definitely drop by to see if I was working. To be completely honest, they made my entire night because it’s one thing to hear it from my coordinators or managers but hearing that compliment from a guest is a huge deal.

Tonight at work, I didn’t exactly receive the same compliment but I had some wonderful guest interactions from the guests who simply thanked me by name for taking care of them to the little prince charming who retrieved something that I had dropped and when I asked him what his favorite part of his night was, he pointed to me. There was also the family who told me that they wished they had encountered me on the first night of their visit so that I could have explained some of the features of the dining plan to them before they learned some things the hard way because their travel agent didn’t explain it to them.

Last but not least, I had a little troublemaker who asked me who my favorite character was. When I replied that I love Belle, he told me I couldn’t pick a princess and I needed to pick again. After some thought, I replied Captain Jack Sparrow. Nope, I couldn’t pick any of the Pirates. Giving it more thought, I said Flounder. Nope, apparently that was the wrong answer again. He then told me that my favorite character should be Lilo because his was Stitch. What makes this story 1000000 times better is that another guest standing in line had a Stitch santa hat on so he joined in the conversation, talking like Stitch to the boy.

Unfortunately, Work tonight was bittersweet because it was Shirly’s last night at the Bakery/Ice Cream shop because she starts training her new role in Main Street Operations soon. Since she knew she was leaving, she invited me, Mary, and Jessica over to her apartment in Chatham where she made us a Chinese food feast on Monday night. When I say feast, I mean a feast. She made four separate dishes in addition to a pizza, just in case we didn’t like the food that she had prepared. After dinner, we taught her MASH and all came up with some interesting futures for ourselves before heading to Downtown Disney to roam around the shops. While roaming around…. I finally bought my Main Street USA Limited Edition Pin set!  It has 5 pins based around Main Street USA, one of which is the Casey’s Corner “C” sign on the corner of the building – you know that I had to have it since I’m trained there. This is just as awesome as my CAST Exclusive 40th Anniversary pin set that I got because I work in the Magic Kingdom.

More adventures include:

  • Going to the last Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party with Laura, Mary, and Casey
  • Getting my picture taken with all 7 dwarfs
  • Getting a picture with Dr. Facilier
  • Seeing Nick Jonas in the Magic Kingdom while on a class field trip
  • Hidden Mickey Hunting with my class in Mickey’s Philharmagic
  • Lunch at Old Key West with Mary
  • Meeting Cast Members in random places like Wal-Mart
  • Hanging out with the roommates at the apartment
  • Going to the cast preview of the Christmas parade
  • Seeing it snow on Main Street
  • Trying Pumpkin Ice Cream
  • Getting Bath Bombs from Basin
  • Booking the hotel for Mom, Dad, and Colleen’s visit in December
  • Finding out I got my Program Extension for the same role/location
  • Joking around with Disney Security at Downtown Disney after asking them to take a picture of us

It’s currently almost 3 am eastern standard time which means it’s bed time… Until I can post again, this is Caitlin over and out. :]


4 Responses to “Once upon a Christmastime….”

  1. jessiesdisneyadventures November 12, 2011 at 2:40 pm #

    When are your parents & Coll going to be down there? My family and I will be there the 17-23 of December.

    • AdventuresofCaitlin November 14, 2011 at 11:56 pm #

      They’ll be gone by the time you get here because of my blackout dates. How weird would it have been for all of us to be there at the same time again?

      • jessiesdisneyadventures November 15, 2011 at 2:32 am #

        If by weird you mean awesome, then very. This needs to happen again.

  2. Mike November 13, 2011 at 2:00 pm #

    It sounds like you make new little friends all the time! Im glad that you can share your love of Disney with everyone who comes into your shop~!

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