It’s my Saturday….

1 Nov

and I’m going to the Halloween party tonight after my Disney Heritage class! :]

Anyway, I got another Basics card last night from another coordinator so it brings my total count to three! The coordinator was so sweet and she wrote a note on the back of the card that made my night. My coworkers also loved the cookies I brought in to work with me last night as a surprise for the ones who had to close the Bakery and Ice Cream shop.

After work, I went to the Waffle House with a few of my coworkers. There were a few interesting characters that came in while we were eating and talking. One of these characters just happened to be Alpha, a vampire who was also a lawyer. Needless to say, November started with a bang.

I know in my post yesterday I mentioned that I had a few adventures to share with you! The first one is that I’m still listed as being in the interview stage for the professional internships that I applied for which means that I haven’t been rejected just yet. Even if that falls through, I’m trying to apply for an extension of this program so that I can stay down here.

The next adventure that I wanted to tell you all about was the fact that I got to meet Megara from Hercules in Epcot the other day! She was out doing a few sets by the Character Spot. Snow White and her Prince also came out to meet with a few guests that  afternoon so I got a picture with them as well. I’m kind of sad that I haven’t started my autograph collection just yet because I think it would have been cool to have gotten their autographs. I think that I might pick up an autograph book tonight so that I can start collecting signatures.

I also had the chance to go to the Epcot Food and Wine Festival with Henry, Shirley, and their friend Lulu. We had a lot of fun snacking on a bunch of food from around the world. I loved seeing their reactions to some of the things they tried, like Escargot en Brioche from the France stand. It was also interesting to learn more about their likes, dislikes, and interests. I’m going to be sad when they move to their new locations within the Magic Kingdom.

With them leaving it made me start thinking about January. It’s so weird to think about how quickly January is coming. I really don’t want it to come that soon because I’m loving all of the experiences that I’m having here from interacting with guests to learning some simple Chinese phrases to making new friends to living and in one of the most magical places ever.


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