Let’s Get Down to Business…

19 Oct

Yes, I know most of you want to complete that statement with “to defeat the Huns”  however, we’re not defeating Huns in this blog post. We will however be talking about more of the adventures that I’ve been having. :]

Working at Disney has allowed me to interact with several people from multiple countries and cultures and that is one of the things that I love about this program. I not only get the chance to interact with international guests on a day-to-day basis but I have some amazing coworkers who are from several different countries including Singapore, China, New Zealand, Taiwan, Honduras, and Haiti.

Granted, when I’m working with some of these international cast members, we have the occasional language barrier that we need to overcome but for the most part we understand each other pretty well. For example, there’s Henry. Henry is an international college program participant from China and I don’t think that I’ve ever laughed as much as I do when I work with him.  Most of the time I’m laughing at myself because I just can’t get the pronunciation of certain Chinese words or phrases that he’s teaching me  but occasionally I’m laughing just because he makes some funny comments. In exchange for learning more about their countries, Henry and some of my other international coworkers are learning more about America and some of the slang and phrases that are used in our country.  For example, Henry just learned “Howdy, Partner” so that he can use that phrase to address Cowboys and Cowgirls that we see during the Halloween parties and Tracey and Shirley, learned the meaning of “I’ll cross my fingers for you.” Mary and I have also been trying to explain things to them that we mention in some of our conversations like what a group hug is exactly.

To be completely honest, learning more about these cultures while I’m working makes the time go by that much faster and it also gives me something more to look forward to besides interacting with the guests and creating magical memories. In fact, I’d say that these discussions about the similarities and differences of our cultures and learning new words or phrases in a different language will be some of my favorite memories from my college program.

Some other adventures besides trying to learn some Chinese are:

  • Watching Hallowishes from the Polynesian Beach
  • Eating at Captain Cook’s
  • Visiting Cast Connection [a store with Disney Merchandise only for Cast Members]
  • Grabbing lunch at Flippers with Mike A.
  • Watching a movie with Ali and Mary at the AMC at Downtown Disney
  • Eating at Sweet Tomatoes with Kelly
  • Having my roommates/friends visit me at work
  • Impressing my Trainer by having my closing area as clean as possible
  • Getting locked out of my apartment for the first (and hopefully last) time
  • Doing two activities in class that I had previously done with the Disney Institute
  • Having some great guest interactions – I love the little Jedi who keeps coming to the Bakery just to get some hot chocolate with some ice in it.
  • Riding the Bus home with other MSN Cast Members
There are probably a few adventures that I’ve left out but, that list includes some of the best ones ever.

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