And the rain, rain, rain, came down, down, down….

13 Oct

Mike got a chance to come visit me in Florida and unfortunately he didn’t get to see the sun for most of his visit. That’s right, it rained and poured pretty much his entire visit but that didn’t stop us from playing in the parks!

Saturday we woke up pretty early and ended up cancelling our Kona reservation because we were hungry and knew we couldn’t wait until 12:45 pm to eat. So we ended up going grocery shopping and eating at Moe’s before hanging out in my apartment for a bit, avoiding the rain. After dinner at Zaxby’s with Amanda, we headed over to the Magic Kingdom because Mike wanted to see my work locations, so we spent some time on Main Street visiting Mary, Tracey, Erica, Jenna, Sha and a few of my other co-workers before conquering a few rides. I think our highlight of the night was getting absolutely soaked while riding Big Thunder Mountain in the rain while Wishes was going on. It was so cool to see the fireworks while riding the run-away mine train!

Sunday was even busier then Saturday was. We got a little bit of a late start but we made it to Old Key West for our breakfast ADR at Olivia’s. After breakfast we ran a few more errands before heading over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios so that Mike could finally see the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular and so I could see Chris in the Countdown to Fun Parade.

I had to give you the music to this parade too because it’s catchy and I can’t talk about it without hearing the soundtrack.

From there we decided to head to Epcot to check out the Food and Wine Festival. The food was delicious! I think my favorites were definitely Poland [Kielbasa with Pierogies], Germany [Sausage on a Pretzel roll], and Australia [Shrimp on the Barbie]. On my next day off, I’m looking forward to getting back to Epcot to visit the other countries to try their offerings and to maybe try a drink or two. There are honestly so many options I don’t know if I’d physically and financially be able to  try all of the things that the festival has to offer. It’s a Foodie Heaven!

Since Mike wanted to have an actual meal rather than just eating around the world at all of the Food and Wine stands, I suggested that we head over to the Boardwalk via the International Gateway to explore and maybe grab something to eat. The sky started getting dark again so Mike went back through Epcot to get the car and move it to the Boardwalk so that we’d have it there. The only problem with this plan was that I forgot that the only parking available at the Boardwalk was Valet parking because of the Food and Wine festival.

So, he picked me up at the Boardwalk and then we headed towards Downtown Disney. Another place that Mike didn’t get to visit during our Spring Break trip in March. We roamed through the World of Disney and the Lego store before grabbing some sandwiches at the Earl of Sandwich. After eating we explored the stores a little bit more and I found something that I desperately wanted in the Pin store. There was a set of pins representing Main Street USA and one of the pins was the Casey’s Corner “C”‘ that’s on top of the building. Unfortunately, the set was a little bit out of my price range because I had already spent a lot of money earlier on groceries and Mike’s Birthday present. Hopefully it’s still there when I get a chance to get back there and if it isn’t, well, it wasn’t meant to be.

Since it was still early in the evening and the rain had stopped, I really wanted to go watch fireworks. Mike really didn’t want to go back into the parks so I suggested that we go grab dole whips and enjoy them while watching Wishes from the Polynesian beach.

Sadly, Mike had to leave on Monday but I have my fingers crossed that he might be able to swing another visit before the end of my program so he can see all of the Christmas decorations. Even if he can’t, it was nice to have a little bit of home with me for two days.

Since his visit, I had my Corporate Communications class on Monday which is interesting but I can definitely say that it’s not as interesting as the Exploring Disney Heritage class that I’m taking. Disney Heritage just started this week and after the first class, I already know I’m going to love it. Our facilitator, David, is a great storyteller and he has such a rich history with the company. I think my favorite part of the class was listening to him talk about his visit to Marceline, Missouri because he covered so many fascinating things and stories into a small block of time. I’m 100% looking forward to our next class when we cover Walt and Roy’s history!

Oh and two more things! First of all, I asked one of my managers if I can be trained in making Cotton Candy so hopefully I’ll have that on my schedule soon and Second of all, since the Magic Kingdom is my home park, I got a cast exclusive pin set commemorating the 40th anniversary!

It has 5 pins total, one for the Magic Kingdom, one for the Contemporary, one for the Polynesian, and one for Fort Wilderness placed on an image of the original map of the property with a 40th anniversary pin at the top of the card.

I should be heading to bed! Good Night! :]



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