Let the Memories Begin

19 Sep

While this is my first post in ages, that doesn’t mean that Disney’s theme of ‘Let the Memories Begin’ doesn’t still apply.

I have so many memories that I need to update you all on so I think a list of bullet points will definitely bring you all up to speed! :]

  • Exploring the Magic Kingdom with my roommates
  • Watching The Main Street Electrical Parade; The Magic, The Memories, and You; and Wishes with my roommates
  • Attending the cast preview of Mickey’s Boo to You Parade
  • Training at the  Bakery
  • Having a Chi Omega from another chapter take a picture with me while I was working
  • Training at the Ice Cream Shop during the first Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party
  • Watching Hallowishes! with my trainer and other Bakery/Ice Cream shop cast members
  • Watching the second Boo to You parade with the entire cast of the Ice Cream Shop
  • Meeting 20 characters with Kaylee at the Magic Kingdom between rope drop and 2 pm
  • Having a VERY SPECIAL visit with Pooh
  • Attending the special flag retreat ceremony for 9/11 at the Magic Kingdom
  • Listening to Kelly’s commentary of various rides especially Peter Pan’s Flight and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • Going to Raglan Road with the roommates to celebrate Kelly’s birthday
  • Doing two magical moments in one day at the ice cream shop – one for a couple whose honeymoon was ending and another for a little princess dressed as Jasmine
  • Making a guest smile on her 89th birthday just by calling her a princess
  • Kaylee and Amanda visiting me at work
  • Watching Celebrate a Dream Come True with my Cash Trainer
  • Passing my Bakery/Ice Cream Shop assessment
  • Singing along to the soundtracks of the various parades/shows along with other cast members at the Bakery/Ice Cream shop
  • Watching Michael put together the fudge pump with a blindfold on
  • Watching Wishes from Backstage
  • Getting packages in the mail from Mike and Mom and Dad
  • Show requesting Kelly’s brother Matt on the Great Movie Ride
  • Having some fun with Pirate Goofy
  • Getting a picture taken with a happy haunt in front of the Haunted Mansion
  • Perfecting my ice cream scooping technique
  • Finding the Hidden Mickey in the Plaza Restaurant
  • Trying the Cucumber Margarita with Kelly in Mexico
  • Using the Confectionery as a grocery store with Kaylee
  • Seeing Chris in the parades when I’m working
  • Trying an Orange and Vanilla Dole Whip
  • Buying Cast Exclusive Merchandise
  • Watching the Magic Kingdom rope drop
There are probably so many other things that I could add here but I just wanted to make a quick post so that you all didn’t think that I forgot about my blog!
By the way, Kaylee, Kelly, and Amanda are a few of my roommates! They’re all pretty awesome and I’m so glad to be living with them because they are wonderful people.
Anyway, I need to get back to finishing my grocery shopping list and get started on my Professional Internship application. Hopefully, that might be the next big adventure. :]

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