9 Sep

At Disney, in order to be come a Cast Member, you have to go through a training session called Traditions. Traditions emphasizes the values of the Walt Disney Company, highlights the timeline of the Company, and it gives a little bit of history of the Walt Disney Company.

Most of my roommates were sent to the early session of Traditions, while Kaylee and I had the afternoon session of Traditions. We both got on the Traditions bus together and made our way to Disney University, which is located behind the Magic Kingdom. Unfortunately Kaylee and I were in different Traditions classes so we both got a chance to meet new people.

During Traditions we received our Disney name tags and our cast IDs which means that we can visit the parks whenever we want!

Since Traditions takes you Backstage for a few things, I won’t ruin the surprises that it has in store but it was a great experience to see the Magic Kingdom before my park orientation.


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