Once Upon a Time… is NOW!

9 Sep

After going though Traditions, I had a little bit of time off before having my park orientation which is appropriately titled, Once Upon a Time…is Now!

During the park orientation, we met up at Disney University and clocked in before we went on adventures throughout the Magic Kingdom before the park opened. Our two facilitators for our park orientation were great! Debbie was from Pasadena, MD and Rob was from Erie, PA.

The park orientation was like a miniature Keys to the Kingdom tour in which we walked around the park, learning more about the features of guest service that the park offers, various attractions, and little facts about the Magic Kingdom.

During our adventures, we got to ride the Haunted Mansion and Buzz Lightyear. In fact, Rob enjoyed making my traditions group squirm by telling them a completely fictional story about the history of the Haunted Mansion.

After our tour, we watched a quick video before we split up into groups based on what our jobs within Magic Kingdom will be and we got our training schedules. My training schedule is pretty interesting… mostly because it’s broken up over a bunch of days and because I have the same exact trainer every day that I’m training at the Bakery and the Ice Cream Shop. Once I start training at Casey’s Corner, I’ll have a different trainer.

Finally, we went to costuming and tried on our costumes for work! When I’m working shifts at the Bakery and Ice Cream Shop, I’ll be wearing a mint green skirt, a white and mint green striped top , and a white apron. At Casey’s, I’ll have an awesome baseball costume to wear!

Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to add pictures later, so check back! :]


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