I’m Walking Right Down The Middle of Main Street USA….

3 Sep


I’m so sorry that I haven’t had a chance to update you all on my adventures but things have not only been busy, but my roommates just got a wireless router for the apartment today so life is good!

I’ll give you a basic rundown of EVERYTHING that’s happened since my last post! Careful, it’s a lot.

On the 31st, I woke up bright and early around 5 am so that I would be ready when Kelly got there to pick me up from the Holiday Inn at 6:30 am.  We grabbed some breakfast from Chick-Fil-A before heading to Vista to get into line to check-in. They finally let us in around 8 am and we walked to one of the pavilions they have on Vista’s property before filling out our housing agreements and other paperwork before getting in line for housing. Since only one roommate is allowed to meet with a housing representative to select the apartment, I let Kelly pick for us. We ended up in a 3 bedroom apartment in Patterson Court, the newest complex.

Patterson is often stereotyped among some CP’s as “the retirement home” but you know what, I like that because there’s less of a chance of neighbors being loud. Unlike Vista and Chatham, Patterson doesn’t have a bus stop, so I’ll have to walk from our building in Patterson to Chatham to get the bus to work or the parks but the walk isn’t bad at all. In fact, Goofy signed the pavement on the route between the two complexes. Patterson is also close to Mickey’s Retreat, the cast member only recreational area.

After we finished up at Vista, we had some time to check out our apartment before meeting up with the bus to  take us to casting. Kelly and I got to the Apartment first so we picked our room and as we were leaving to head to Chatham’s bus stop to get the bus to casting, we met two more of our roommates. One of whom is currently no longer living with us.

When we went to the bus stop to get to Casting, we ran into a little problem with the bus but we got to casting and I found out that I’ll be working on Main Street USA in Quick Service Foods so I’ll probably be working at Casey’s Corner! :]

Yesterday was a day off to kind of get settled and then today I had Traditions in the afternoon…

I’ll add more about that later. :]


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