30 Aug

So, I’ m sorry that I didn’t get a chance to blog after landing in Orlando! I wanted to make sure that I knew where I was going to collect my baggage since I haven’t had to do that on my last few trips since Disney took care of the luggage for me.

After waiting at baggage claim and grabbing my bags, there was an issue. One of the zippers on the front of my suitcase broke so I ended up losing some of the hair ties that I had put in there, I thought that I had lost my hairbrush too but I found that in a different section of my bag so I didn’t lose much luckily.

My awesome roommate picked me up from baggage claim and we both had some fun getting lost on our way to the hotel that I’m staying at. I finally got to see Sea World! It’s really not that far at all from Disney. Then after I checked in and dropped my luggage off we headed to Downtown Disney for some roommate bonding. I can finally say that I’ve walked through every Downtown Disney store because we had fun exploring and picking up some yummy cookies from Goofy’s Candy Company.

Some of the other random highlights of our bonding session included agreeing that we needed to win the lottery to buy everything in Basin, waving at Mike [a new CP friend, not to be confused with boyfriend Mike] through the Candy Cauldron Window, making plans to be total foodies and enjoy several of the yummy meals that Disney has to offer, and getting pixie dusted by a Fairy Godmother in Training at The World of Disney.

After walking around we decided to grab some Fish and Chips for dinner which is where we met Lisa, another CP whose checking in tomorrow.

Anyway, I need to finish getting the pixie dust out of my hair and get ready for a long day tomorrow! :]


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