Taking a quick break…

29 Aug

from working on the rest of my packing before Mike gets here to hang out with me and help me run a few last-minute errands.

My flight leaves tomorrow around noon and I’ll arrive at the Orlando airport after 2 pm… its so weird to think that the summer has gone by so quickly. Seriously, Coming home from College, my College Program arrival date seemed so far away and here it’s August and I’m flying to Orlando tomorrow.

I’m going to miss a lot of things at home like random natural disaster parties at OPI, hanging out at CPM with the lovely theatre families, eating dinner with Mom and Dad, visiting Aunt Catherine and Aunt Tizzie, listening to Anne tell me what her latest book is about, getting Crabs, driving past all of my various schools, Mike visiting on the weekends, seeing Colleen and listening to her College stories, celebrating birthdays and holidays at Aunt Jo’s or Kelly’s and so many more things.

So, here it goes. The adventure will begin in only a few hours!
: ]


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