Here’s another marathon post!

24 Aug

So, I’ve come to the conclusion that I like covering a bunch of the days from the 30 Day Disney Challenge in one post rather than an individual post for each day because then it makes me feel more productive.

To be honest, I was trying to avoid the next day that I’m about to cover in this post for as long as possible because, well, it can be a controversial topic among Disney fans. Without further adieu….

Day 19: Least favorite attraction…

See, I told you that it was a controversial and difficult day to cover. Anyway, after much thought, I realized that even if I wasn’t crazy about an attraction none of them can be billed as my least favorite because I usually find one quality I like about it. Yeah, I’m one of  those people… the glass half full variety. Okay, enough stalling, Ladies and Gentlemen, my least favorite attraction at the Walt Disney World Resort is……

This is where you need to insert your own drum roll…..

My least favorite attraction is taking the Magical Express back to the Orlando airport. This counts as an attraction because it moves and there’s a goodbye video.

Disney's Magical Express

Followed by the less exciting monorail ride to get to the gate.

I think this is one attraction that all Disney fans can agree is their least favorite because it means that the magic is ending and that they have to return to the daily grind.

Next up, Day #20: Favorite Walt Disney World dessert

This is torture too. Seriously. If you’ve ever been to Disney, you know that they have some amazing food options… well, they also have AMAZING desserts. It’s incredibly hard to just pick one so I’ll leave you with two fantastic desserts.

The Key Lime Pie at the Old Key West Resort. Unfortunately, I can’t find a good picture of this dessert and mine was long gone before I even considered taking a picture of it but I did find something even better.

THE RECIPE!  Check out All’s Fare Food Blog to get it and if you get a chance to try the recipe, let me know if you love it!

Now, the next dessert that is a great one is the Coffee Crème Brûlée at Cat Cora’s Kouzzina at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn.

Coffee Crème Brûlée

Now, Day #21: Favorite character to see in the park

This choice should be 100% obvious but if it isn’t, I’ll give you a few hints.

  • He’s always well dressed, in fact he has over 290 different outfits ranging from a scuba suit to a tuxedo to a cap and gown.
  • He has a girlfriend and a pet.
  • He’s known for his imagination.

Figure it out yet?

It’s the Big Cheese himself – Mickey Mouse!

Mickey Mouse and Friends

Day #22: Favorite parade
My favorite parade is SPECTROMAGIC! While I have a soft spot in my heart for the Main Street Electrical Parade [MSEP], Spectromagic is my favorite partly because it features more Disney movies then MSEP does and partly because it has the awesome switch in the color of the lights. Check it out! :]

and Day #23: Scariest ride

I think that there can be a lot of scary attractions at Disney…. It all depends on what scares you and where you might be if the attraction breaks down. For example, the thought of breaking down on It’s a Small World could be scarier then say Expedition Everest. Personally, if you look at all of my pictures from various attractions from my first trip and compare them to my last few trips, I’d say they are less scary. Basically, I think it depends on the day as to what attraction I think is the scariest.

Last but not least, Day #24: Favorite face character




One Response to “Here’s another marathon post!”

  1. Christina August 24, 2011 at 8:39 pm #

    Thanks Caitlin for linking to the key lime pie recipe. It is fab and super easy! And I agree, the shuttle at the airport is the MOST depressing ride you’ll be on. 🙂

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