Since I’m incredibly behind…

18 Aug

This post will contain quite a few days of the Disney Challenge.  ARE YOU READY?
Hold on to your hats cause this here is the wildest blog post in the wilderness!

Day #13: Favorite Animal Kingdom area

Considering the Animal Kingdom is the park that I requested when I had my phone interview, it holds a little special place in my heart because let’s face it, it’s awesome. This park is not only beautiful but incredibly informative too between the lush foliage and interesting attractions, there’s a ton of things to do and explore.

My favorite area of this park has to be Africa.

Welcome to Harambe!

I love this area of the park because I think that the buildings and atmosphere in this area are spot on. There are so many things to discover when walking through Harambe, whether it’s the Kilimanjaro Safari or the sounds of the Tam Tam Congo. You can also grab a drink at the Dawa bar. Fun fact about Harambe in Disney’s Animal Kingdom – The straw roofing on several of the buildings were done by authentic builders from Africa.

Moving on to Day #14: Favorite Animal Kingdom attraction

Now, while I LOVE the African area in the Animal Kingdom, I think that there are so many stand out attractions that can be found in the park. While I could talk to you all day long about the Safari – Bonus Fact: Did you know that the song played over the radio during the attraction is actually the Lord’s Prayer in Swahili – I think that I’m going to have to pick one of the other attractions.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce you to EXPEDITION EVEREST

Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest is quite an attraction. Would it surprise you to know that this attraction is the tallest throughout the entire property of the Walt Disney World Resort and it consists of three separate structures that had to be built in unison. The three important structures that form this attraction are the ride track, the exterior mountain range and the Yeti. Yep, I just said Yeti. The basis for the attraction is that you are exploring the Himalayan mountains when all of a sudden, something just isn’t right and you might just happen to meet this Yeti (or at least see him in his less menacing B or C or D mode)

Tom Bricker has an amazing  on ride picture so you should check out his photography, not only of Everest,  but ALL of his pictures of Disney World and Disneyland.  He takes some great shots.

It’s time to be moving along…. Day #15: Favorite Walt Disney World Resort

I’ve only been to Disney 4 times so far and every time I’ve stayed there I’ve stayed at different resorts. Each of them have different memories and they each have amazing qualities however I’m going to pick 2 out of the 4. Shocking, I know.

My top two favorite resorts at Walt Disney World are:

A picture of mine that I took of Coronado Springs at Dawn

Coronado Springs is such a versatile resort because while it’s a moderate resort it could easily pass for a deluxe resort.  It not only has a quick service restaurant, lounge, and a table service restaurant but it also has a food court of sorts. In addition to the multiple dining options, Coronado Springs features various amenities such as a 22 person hot tub, multiple quiet pools, a convention center, in-room mini fridge and a Spa.

Now the second resort that I absolutely adore is Disney’s Old Key West Resort.

Disney's Old Key West Resort

This resort is easily a favorite because it is a Disney Vacation Club [DVC] Resort which means it’s pretty fancy. Luckily, I got the chance to stay there on my last trip because my family was going with a Disney Vacation Club Member. This resort embodies the idea of the Conch Republic with bright pastel colors and beautiful architecture. The photo above shows the Hospitality house and the main swimming pool with some of the buildings with rooms behind it. This resort is more like a little community where they have an internal bus and boat service to Downtown Disney. Since it’s a DVC resort and I’m not a DVC member it wasn’t fair to make this my absolute favorite resort.

Time to keep moving forward to Day #16: Favorite snack to grab in the parks

I don’t have a favorite actually… but if I must choose, say HELLO to the Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar.

Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar

Day #17: Favorite restaurant

Since I’m one of those people who LOVES to eat this category doesn’t exist. At Disney, I don’t have just one favorite restaurant on property because well… out of all the choices, who can choose one? Therefore, I give you a newly discovered favorite.

Cat Cora's Kouzzina

If you’ve heard of or seen The Food Network’s show, Iron Chef, then you have to be familiar with Iron Chef Cat Cora. A lot of her dishes are inspired by her Greek heritage and trust me, the food here is delicious! I might come back into this post and add some lovely food spam of our meal there in June. These pictures would include my mom’s meal, a whole fish which they can filet for you table side.

Last but not least Day #18: What attraction do you wish they’d bring back?

Once again, here I’m going to pick two attractions that I wish Disney would bring back but I know that I’m not alone in these choices.

Attraction number one: Cranium Command
What, you haven’t heard of it? Well, it was an attraction in Epcot’s now extinct Wonders of Life Pavilion that featured Buzzy and his adventures controlling the brain of a teenage boy.

This isn’t the best video but it gives you an idea of what the attraction was like.

The next attraction that I wish that Disney would bring back is….. The Adventurer’s Club

While I was never old enough to experience it the way that many of it’s devoted fans got to, I do remember exploring it with my family during my first trip to Walt Disney World. I remember the giant stone face [Babalonia] talking to us and making fun of the fact that our shirts matched and I remember hearing people yelling Kungaloosh and Hoopla!
I almost wish that they would open it back up just so I could experience it again.

and with that, I have finally caught up with the 30 Day Disney Challenge. Thank you so much for reading it or at least scrolling through to look at the lovely pictures [only one of which is mine, click though to find their original sources] or YouTube clips. :]


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