New Disney Email and More Details!

18 Aug

Hi again,

I figured that since this is my College Program blog I should give you more real blog posts as opposed to my 30 day Disney Challenge but I do hope that the challenge is giving you a little bit more of an insight into what I love about the Walt Disney World Resort. :]

Earlier this week I got another Disney College Program email… actually I got a few emails from the Disney Internships and Programs &  the Disney College Program this week but the one below is by far the prettiest.

Mickey and the Gang will see me soon!

This email basically discussed things that I should make sure to bring with me to Florida like my laptop, employment verification, and to make sure that I’m within the Disney Look guidelines. It also gave some helpful packing hints which, after creating my master packing list, I’m sure I’ll need.

The other few emails that I got regarding the program this week were basic information about my classes and log-in information to their education site which is very similar to blackboard. Speaking of classes, I can’t remember if I told you all about the ones I decided to take while I’m doing my program.

I’ve officially signed up for Corporate Communications and Exploring Disney Heritage. The difference between these two classes is that Corporate Communications is a collegiate class which required me to pay for it and I had to get my textbook whereas Exploring Disney Heritage is a free course in which we learn about the Walt and Roy Disney and the history of the Disney Parks.  Both of these classes meet only once a week, Monday and Tuesday afternoon respectively, for about 4 hours.

I’m actually pretty excited for both of them because I’m sure that I’ll learn a bunch of new things. In fact, one of the cool things that I’m looking forward to in my Disney Heritage class is not only getting to know a lot of my Tumblr friends but one of our classes is a scavenger hunt through Disney’s Hollywood Studios [or so I’m told, but regardless, that’s cool]. Although, the one drawback to classes at Disney is that we have to be in professional attire within the Disney Look guidelines while attending class so I had to do some shopping to make sure that I had enough outfit options to get me through the semester.

In other news, I officially have my Disney roommate! She’s from Maryland too and we met up through a Disney Fall 2011 CP group for our check-in date. She’ll actually be picking me up from the Orlando airport on the 30th and from the hotel on the 31st to head to check-in.

Everything is happening so fast that I don’t even know if I’ll have enough time to get everything done at home before I leave and while I’m having moments where I get freaked out about what’s ahead, I know that I wanted to do this and that this adventure is simply just another chapter in the book of my life.

For now, I need to get back to working on my packing lists while listening to Disney Parks music on D-COT! TTFN!


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