Last Night

11 Aug

I finally had my graduation/going away party last night at a local mini golf course and as fun as it was, it made me quite sad at the same time. I love spending time with my family and my lovely friends who are like family and my party made me realize just how much I’m going to miss them all.

Some of the highlights from the party included:

  • Kelly beating Graig in both rounds of golf, by one point each time
  • Catching up with Mrs. Bet, Mr. Wes, and Trevor
  • Mr. Dan putting a target in the back of Mr. Ed’s car
  • Giving Gracie the Cinderella and Aurora figures off of my cake
  • The multiple “happy birthday” wishes instead of graduation
  • Playing Golf with Alex, Tiffany, James, and Matt [Alex gave us nicknames and  mine was Songy]
  • Talking with Mrs. Cindy about Disney
  • Watching Nicole [my youngest cousin] stacking the empty pizza boxes on top of the full ones
  • Explaining what the QSFB role is and what I might be doing

There are so many other memories, but those were some of the best. One of the things that I had at my party besides mini golf was that I decided to have my guests fill out index cards with messages, doodles, or whatever they’d like  so that I could put them in the photo album my sorority big sister gave me for graduation. She filled it with quotes so I figured why not add some other messages to it to take it to Disney with me as a memento of home.

It’s so weird to think that my flight to Orlando is rapidly approaching… I guess it’s time to start getting organized and to start packing!


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