Day 8: Future World or World Showcase?

8 Aug

Oh Epcot, why must you make me choose between your two areas? It’s simply not fair, not fair at all.
Since I have to choose, I’ll go with…..


The logo for the World Showcase


This was a tough decision because I love a lot of the Future World attractions; I’m looking at you Spaceship Earth, Test Track, and Soarin’. However, The World Showcase takes the cake, literally, in terms of restaurants. No matter what country your dining in within the World Showcase one thing is¬†guaranteed – an amazing meal.

Some of my favorites found within the World Showcase are Via Napoli, The Rose and Crown, and Nine Dragons because they all offer great options in terms of cuisine and you get to learn a bit more about that country through your servers. Besides the food, each of the pavilions offers a small glimpse into the culture of that country so in Japan you can watch Miyuki make candy creations while in Germany you can learn about the pickle tree or even pick up a Venetian Mask in Italy.

Besides the food and the merchandise, the architecture is another draw because all of the buildings are authentic to the country that they come from. Last but not least, I love the World Showcase because where else can you travel around the World in a day?


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