Day 6 and Day 7 Combined!

6 Aug

Hello all! I decided that today’s post for the Disney Challenge will include both Day #6: Favorite attraction in Frontierland
and Day #7: Favorite attraction in Adventureland. Are you ready?

Based on some of my previous posts I think you might be able to figure out what my favorite attractions are in these two themed lands but I’m going to share them again. First up, Frontierland!

"Hang onto your hats and glasses, folks, cause this here's the wildest ride in the wilderness!"

My favorite attraction in Frontierland is the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! This attraction wins top honors for Frontierland because it’s a fun roller coaster ride through the  lovely little town of Tumbleweed! Two of my favorite things about this attraction besides the ride are the names of the mine trains [U.B. Bold, U.R. Daring, U.R. Courageous, I.M. Brave, I.B. Hearty and I.M. Fearless] and some of the themes of the queue.

A favorite part of the queue

Moving on to…. Adventureland!

Avast ye mateys… me fa’orite attraction is

Yo Ho, Yo Ho, It’s a Pirates Life for Me! Savvy?
Ahoy, me don’t think I need t’ explain meself t’ ye, ye stinkin’ bilge rat.



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