Day 3: Favorite attraction in Tomorrowland

31 Jul

The Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover will have to take first place, winning the title of my favorite Tomorrowland attraction. 

The Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover

 The TTA is my favorite Tomorrowland attraction because it’s not only relaxing but it gives you a sneak peek of sorts into the other attractions in Tomorrowland and even a store. In fact while on this ride you spend some time in Space Mountain and occasionally, if you get lucky you might even be able to see Space Mountain with the lights on. I also like this attraction because like Big Thunder Mountain in Frontierland – the attraction is different between daytime and nighttime. 

The Second Place Winner is The Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor – Why yes, my sister and I were selected to be the churros people! (Sadly, that was on my bucket list because it’s just so funny to see how some other members of the audience react to you) 

The Comedy Club of The Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor

Last but not least, Third Place goes to The Carousel of Progress. While this attraction is only open during peak seasons and it doesn’t remain open during the Extra Magic Hours, I feel like this ride doesn’t get much love when it is open. I actually love this attraction because it’s a classic attraction and while it’s already outdated in the final scene which is supposed to be the future, I enjoy getting the chance to see what items were used in the past and the score is just so catchy. 

John in The Carousel of Progress

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