Since it’s down to 35 Days…

28 Jul

Well, technically 34 since I’ll be leaving home the day before I check in on the 31st of August, I decided that it would be a great idea to try to post some of my favorite things about Disney by following a 30 Day Disney Challenge.  I might end up posting a few of these together or I might post each of them individually – I haven’t decided yet.

Without anymore babbling, here’s the list from

Day #1: Favorite Walt Disney World Park
Day #2: Favorite land in the Magic Kingdom
Day #3: Favorite attraction in Tomorrowland
Day #4: Favorite attraction in Fantasyland
Day #5: Favorite attraction in Liberty Square
Day #6: Favorite attraction in Frontierland
Day #7: Favorite attraction in Adventureland
Day #8: Epcot: Future World or World Showcase?
Day #9: Favorite attraction in Future World
Day #10: Favorite attraction in the World Showcase
Day #11: Favorite Hollywood Studios area
Day #12: Favorite Hollywood Studios attraction
Day #13: Favorite Animal Kingdom area
Day #14: Favorite Animal Kingdom attraction
Day #15: Favorite Walt Disney World Resort
Day #16: Favorite snack to grab in the parks
Day #17: Favorite restaurant
Day #18: What attraction do you wish they’d bring back?
Day #19: Least favorite attraction
Day #20: Favorite Walt Disney World dessert
Day #21: Favorite character to see in the park
Day #22: Favorite parade
Day #23: Scariest ride
Day #24: Favorite face character
Day #25: Favorite activity outside the parks, but still on Disney property.
Day #26: Favorite souvenir
Day #27: Favorite Walt Disney World breakfast
Day #28: Favorite fireworks show
Day #29: Favorite monorail color
Day #30: Favorite statue, fountain, or anything that grabs your eye in the park


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