Day 2: Favorite land in the Magic Kingdom

28 Jul

Hello again, it’s time to post Day 2!
There are 6 themed “Lands” to choose from: Main Street U.S.A, Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland. Once again it’s so hard to pick just one so don’t hate me but I’m going to pick my top two.

First up: Frontierland!

Sign for Frontierland

I really  love Frontierland because it’s home to two of the three mountains of the Magic Kingdom, Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Both of these rides are incredibly fun!

On Splash Mountain, you are constantly being teased as to whether or not the “big” drop is coming up and when it does happen, right before you drop you have a fantastic view of the Magic Kingdom. Plus, who doesn’t love water rides when it’s hot? As for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, this ride is so much fun in the dark because it adds an extra thrill to the ride but it’s themed really well.

Big Thunder Mountain from the Walt Disney World Railroad

Then my second choice would have to be Adventureland!

The Adventureland Sign

Adventureland is home to some rowdy Pirates and some incredibly insane Jungle Cruise skippers! These two attractions are some of my favorites because who doesn’t love horrible jokes and the classic attraction that inspired movies that brought us Captain Jack Sparrow?

The Jungle Cruise features a lot of bad jokes – “He’ll sell you two heads for one of yours” and “Ladies and Gentlemen, I now present to you the backside of water!” but some of the skippers are incredibly funny in terms of their delivery of them and this is one of the attractions that in someways inspired the imagineers to create Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Why is that? Well, because when Walt wanted to include this ride in his theme parks, he wanted to use live animals but the problem with that is live animals don’t always perform.

The Jungle Cruise Sign from HGHJim on Flickr

Finally, Pirates of the Caribbean features some interesting AAs and it also has a catchy song that goes along with it but this ride is one of my favorites because it’s cool, relaxing, and it’s always fun to laugh at some of the pirates. Two of my favorite scenes in the ride are when you are in the middle of the pirate ship battling the fort and when you see the pirates singing and carrying on while their entire city is on fire behind them.

Dead Men Tell No Tales

As always, not all of these images are mine so if you like them feel free to click on the image to take you to where I found it.  :]


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