Day 1: Favorite Walt Disney World Park

28 Jul

This is incredibly difficult because I love each of the parks because they all have amazing qualities however… if I have to choose I’m going to make it a tie between the Magic Kingdom and Epcot.

May 09

From my IL course during May of my sophomore year of college

The Magic Kingdom is one of my favorite parks not only because it’s the first park that was built as part of the Florida Project but it’s a great park that truly blends different themed lands into one general idea, Dreams can come true.
I mean where else can you find a theme park that houses all of the Presidents of the United States but it also is the home to 999 happy haunts, Pirates, and flying elephants?

The Magic Kingdom is the park that holds so many memories for me. On 9/9/99, during my first trip to Disney, my family got chosen to be Grand Marshals of the afternoon parade. While there are several other families who hold that honor as well, this one memory will always stick out as being magical. Another memory that I absolutely love from the Magic Kingdom is seeing two of my best friends faces while they saw Wishes and the Main Street Electrical Parade for their first time. Once they saw these two awesome nighttime events they finally understood why I couldn’t explain them nor could I really vocalize my exact feelings for them.

Wishes and Cinderella's Castle

The Wishes Nighttime Spectacular

Now onto Epcot….

Spaceship Earth by Zetableh

Spaceship Earth from The World Showcase

First off, this photo belongs to Zetableh from Flickr – it’s one of my favorite shots of Spaceship Earth because the coloring of the photo is lovely and it includes some of the World Showcase Lagoon.

Epcot is my second favorite park because there is so much to do there ranging from all of the fun activities and attractions in Future World to all of the amazing countries in the World Showcase. I won’t lie that I absolutely adore Spaceship Earth because it deals with communication and how it’s evolved over time and I loved studying Communications in school. Epcot is also a fantastic park because where else can you go and say that you traveled all over the world in only a day. Since the World Showcase features countries like Mexico, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Japan, China, and Norway there are always amazing foods to try and some neat history and cultures to discover. For example in Italy, you can eat at Via Napoli, a new restaurant to the pavilion, which features authentic Neapolitan pizzas.

Epcot also has nighttime show – Illuminations: Reflections of Earth which not only features fireworks and a laser and water show but it features an inferno barge which uses liquid propane to shoot fire 60 ft in the air and a  350,000-pound Earth Globe which is essentially a giant TV in the shape of the world. I love the entire story that Illuminations tells throughout the show but I also love the amazing pyrotechnics that are used within the show.

Illuminations: Reflections of Earth from Japan

Once again – not one of my pictures but this one comes from, if you want to check out that Flickr photo stream or Zetableh’s photo stream each image is linked.


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