The Process

7 Apr

Applying for the Disney College Program involves a lot of steps.

The first step if you are interested in applying for the Disney College Program is to attend a presentation at a local college or university or, if there isn’t a presentation that fits your schedule, you can watch the e-presentation online.

I watched the e-presentation one night while I was on duty. It basically covers the program as a whole, explaining the roles that are available, the housing options, and even the reasons why participating in the College Program is a good thing.

After watching the presentation, you are given a code to use for your application. You complete one part of the application before you reach the web interview.

The web interview is like a personality test to determine whether or not you would be a good fit with the Walt Disney Company and it asks a lot of questions about working as a team. When taking the web interview, a lot of the portions are timed and they involve rating statements within the range of strongly agree to strongly disagree.

After the completion of the web interview, based on your answers, you are invited to then call and schedule a phone interview. My phone interview was on February 3rd at 9:15 pm.  The phone interviews are interesting because the interviewer will call you around this time from an unlisted/blocked number. For example when my sister had her phone interview, the interviewer called her a few minutes earlier then she expected them to.

When they call, they’ll introduce themselves and then the interview begins.  They’ll ask you questions based upon the Disney Look – like, “do you have any tattoos?”, questions about your criminal history, etc before discussing what roles you put on your roles checklist, they also discuss what roles you might not have put on your check list like Quick-Service Food and Beverage (QSFB) and Custodial.

I had attractions, merchandise, and character attendant as the roles that I selected for my checklist but when asked by my interviewer, I said I’d be open to QSFB and Custodial because I really wanted the opportunity to participate in the program more than I cared about my role.

Since I had previous experience with working around food, most of my questions went along with that but I was asked a question about how I would handle memorizing lengthy dialogues and would I be okay delivering them in front of large groups of people and I was also asked about handling money.

Towards the end of my interview, I was asked about how I would feel living with a roommate, how do I handle conflict, etc.  Finally, my interviewer, asked me if I had any questions for her. I didn’t ask if she had participated in the College Program herself, which I kind of wish I had done now looking back on the experience, but I did ask if I could maybe request a park to work in. I requested Disney’s Animal Kingdom because I really like the atmosphere of the park because the foliage is so green and lush and the buildings are just really cool to look at in terms of the theming.

After the phone interview, you receive a thank you email which reiterates that you should receive a decision within 4-6 weeks after your interview.  I got an email on February 22nd stating that I had been selected to participate in the College Program as a QSFB cast member during the fall 2011 season.

My Pretty Purple Email

My purple folder came in the mail a few days after I got my email. I accepted my role on March 5th before leaving for my Spring Break Trip to Walt Disney World on the 6th. I’ll be arriving for my CP on August 31st and I’ll be in Florida until January 6th.


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